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Thursday, January 1, 2009

KC Lee (Javin)

KC Lee

Name: Javin Lee Kwang Cherng
Specialize in: Multimedia | Photography
Position: Photographer | Web Designer

Achievement and Experience:
1. Er Hu player in Chinese Orchestra, Chinese High School 1998~2003.
2. Committee, president of Chinese High School events/ society.
3. Awarded in Maths and IQ competitions 1998~2003.
4. Representer for Web Designer of Chinese High School 2001~2003.
5. Flash, Web, Interactive Developer for All4Grabs 2004~2007.
6. Web Application Developer in ENOV8 2007-2008.
7. Senior Developer in Wishbone Design Consultant 2009.
8. Developer of Advergames Interactive since 2005.
9. Facebook Application Developer for projects of Nestle Malaysia and HP Malaysia 2008~2009.
10. Photographer/ Web Designer of Clover Wedding since 2009.