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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Why should I choose Clover wedding to be my wedding planner?

为什么我要选择Clover wedding为我的婚礼策划人?

Your wedding day will be one of the most important and happiest day of your life.
Our one stop service provides you a solution to save your valuable time unnecessary troubles.
And a great deal of planning is required to bring every magical aspect together.

2: Why do I a live band for my wedding? How to choose for one?

The reason is because you love music, you want to have fun, you want your wedding to be romantic, so you should choose Clover wedding band, we will make the music to be perfect.
因为您也热爱音乐,您当然希望拥有一个即开心又浪漫的婚礼,所以您的婚礼需要Clover wedding乐队,我们能带给您一个完美的演出。

3: Can you play particular songs that weren't in your song list for me?

Absolutely, as long as you notify us earlier, we will have those songs played for you.

4: What if I only want background music, without a singer?

We can provide an instrumental band for you as well.

Jazz instrumental band (Any combination of bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion, saxophone etc)

String Quartet (2 violins, a viola and a cello)

5: Can I sing a song for my darling on that night?

Pretty please! Our musicians would love to accompany you.

6: Can you sing for my march-in song as well?

Sure! We'd love to.

7: How is your band different from other bands?

We believe in keeping your guests entertained, and making your wedding special for you.

8: Who do I need wedding venue decoration?

Romantic wedding venue decoration is the trend. A luxurious wedding will make your guests impressed and create a whimsical environment that will serenade your wedding banquet.

9: Can you decorate according to my design samples?

Sure! After an initial meeting to understand your requirements, we’ll offer tailored décor choices to compliment your ideas.

10: Why do we need photographer and videographer?

Wedding is one of the very moments in our life, having it recorded, will be milestone in your memory lane. Our professional photographer and videographer will make sure the cherish and romantic moment of your big day be captured into still and motion.
一生一次的喜悦,怎能不记忆下来呢? 放一百个心,让我们的专业摄影师与录影师,为你们记载宝贵,浪漫的时刻。

11: Do we need to communicate with our photographer and videographer before the wedding day?

Definitely, to ensure your wedding day being captured perfectly, we hope that communication being made before the actual day. This is to let the photographer and videographer know more about you, then they can carry out their job easier and smoother. We will also go through the procedure and work flow, so that on the day itself, everything is in the line. In addition, it is to come to a mutual understanding regarding the art direction of the photography and videography.

12: Do we need to provide meals for the clovers?

Yes! The performers always arrive way earlier than all of your guests to do sound checking and rehearsal for your banquet to make sure everything works. The photographer and videographer would need strength to do their jobs as well. Some simple food like fried rice and noodles will be enough for us.

13: Do we need to provide accommodation for the band, photographer and videographer from afar?

For outstation assignment, we will need accommodation overnight, especially for the photographer and videographer, who were to start their job early in the morning next day, so as to have a space for them to carry on editing. Our artists also need a place to rest and change after setting up the system. We wouldn't be able to get back to our origin since the wedding banquet would normally ends around 11pm.

If you're keen, take a listen to us and be the very first to have us at your wedding!