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About Clover Wedding

Cheers~! Welcome to Cloverwedding~!

Cloverwedding is formed by a group of friends, who specialized in different fields, including art & design, photography, music, filmography, mass communication and so on. Bringing our passions and specialties to the table, we provide an ONE-STOP Service for your wedding day ceremony. Now, you don't need to bother calling several numbers for several services, you only call one for all services instead.

Having these services at once, the coordination is becoming better and more efficient, because we already have a way and system to work all the things out for you. You, as the Big MAN or GIRL of the day, don't need to worry about coordinating the videoman, cameraman, singer, emcee by your own. We Promise you a unforgettable wedding~!

欢迎来到clover wedding,您一站式的婚礼服务~!


Check out our team members below:
Darren Lim
Justin Wong
KC Lee
Jacqueline Long