Clover Wedding Collection

Thursday, October 31, 2013

台湾真善美家族联谊会 | 新山隆盛酒家

一群非常热情,来自台湾的朋友,欢迎你们来到马来西亚,感恩你们让我们有机会一起唱歌,一起跳舞,非常难忘的一个晚上,也非常谢谢你们的热情款待还有红包,希望还有机会再为你们演唱哦~ 真善美家族,赞啊赞啊赞啊~

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Derrick & Jexin | Wedding Dinner | 山春欣洋迎宾楼

Marriage is so much more than words can say. May married life fulfill your dreams. Congratulations! Thanks for choosing our live band service~ :)

Kuan Yau & Lee Teen | Wedding Dinner | Grand Seaview Restaurant @ Batu Pahat

May joy and happiness be around you both always, and be a harmonious union forever~ Thanks for choosing Clover Cinematography, photography and live band services~

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ivan & Adelyn | Wedding Dinner | Grand Seaview Restaurant @ Batu Pahat

To the Bride and Groom, may good luck and happiness fill all your future days. Thanks for choosing Clover Wedding live band and decoration services. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

赵份年老妇人98岁寿宴 @ 昔加末食为福酒家

感恩 Kersin Gladys Tan 邀请 Clover Wedding live band 出席她外婆的大寿晚宴,有幸为她老人家唱歌祝寿,在此再次祝福赵老夫人生活之树常绿,生命之水长流,寿诞快乐,春辉永绽~:)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Terence & Lixuan | Wedding Dinner | Grand Part City Hall @ Singapore


The sweetness of sharing a dream made for two is one life's greatest treasures. Wishing you both much happiness and a wonderful life.
Thanks for having Clover Wedding live band~

Aris & Zison | Wedding Luncheon | Lu Yeh Yen Restaurant @ Melaka

Kai Siang on guitarist cum vox | Pei Yee on vox | Bird on Keys cum vox

As you happily look forward to all you're dreaming of, may you be blessed with love and happiness forever! Thanks for choosing Clover Wedding live band service~ :)